Guest Column | December 7, 2016

It's A Connected World, But Are Your Field Workers Connected?


By Tom DeVroy, Senior Product Evangelist for Enterprise Service Management, IFS North America

Three technology driven developments poised to disrupt field service

The field service industry has always been one of the earliest adopters of new technologies, from the original PDAs to IoT-enabled devices. Now, a new generation of technology is uniquely positioned to transform the field service industry, promising to reduce costs and dramatically improve the quality of service organizations can offer. Tom DeVroy, Senior Product Evangelist for Enterprise Service Management at IFS, identifies three technology-led developments set to disrupt field service and discusses how flexible and modular resource planning infrastructure will help organizations reap substantial rewards.

Effective field service is about proactively managing your workforce and inventory in order to meet the constantly sliding scale of customer expectations. As a result, field service organizations are constantly looking to improve on the key metrics to better serve customers: first-time fix rate (FTF), mean time to service (MTTS) and mean time to repair (MTTR).

Three new technology driven developments are establishing themselves in the market, with the potential to dramatically impact these field service metrics to benefit both the customer and service provider:

  • Advanced mobility: augmented reality, instant messaging platforms and native apps
  • Predictive analytics enabling prescriptive maintenance
  • Optimized scheduling and demand forecasting in an IoT world