Newsletter | June 17, 2021

06.17.21 -- Is Your View Of Outcomes-Based Service Limiting Your Potential?

Is Your View Of Outcomes-Based Service Limiting Your Potential?

Putting your company in a position where you have the mindset, technologies, processes, and skills to guarantee uptime is more than likely your best first step toward realizing the potential of the move to outcomes — but if you stop there, you may be selling your company short of far more success.

Your Checklist To Power Planning And Scheduling Optimization

Building outcomes-based service scenarios has become an imperative for many service providers. Planning and scheduling systems are an important (and often overlooked) piece of the outcomes-based service mix. So, for that reason, you can build outcomes into the systems to help prioritize jobs to meet service level agreement expectations.

Mastering The Moment Of Service: Art Or Science?

In today’s customer-centric culture, the moment of service means more than ever. The moment of service is a moment of engagement, a moment of opportunity, moment of innovation, a moment of potential growth. There’s a whole lot riding on your ability to execute on those moments if you realize service for the powerful potential it holds.

Manufacturing | The Move To Servitization And Circularity

The servitization megatrend is upon us. Industrial machine manufacturing companies are adding service revenue streams and changing their business models, usually to augment but sometimes to replace product-based business. This, coupled with the trend of moving away from a linear economy to a circular one, is changing the thinking of leading manufacturers of industrial machinery.

Telecommunications | Enabling Field Mobility

The telecommunications profession isn’t what it used to be. With new entrants to legacy businesses, the encroachment of new technologies on traditional business models, and new technologies like 5G rapidly becoming the standard, companies that manage telecommunications services and infrastructure owe it to themselves to start thinking about their businesses differently.