Newsletter | March 18, 2019

03.18.19 -- Is It Time For You To Consider A Remote Expert Solution For Your Team?

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Lean Service Management: Streamlined Processes Can Satisfy Customers And Deliver New Profits
Submitted by Infor

Consumers and companies don't just buy products today, they buy experiences and solutions to problems. If a perfect product has less-than perfect delivery, service, and support, customers will be unhappy—and may look to competitors for alternatives.

Avoid The 3 Biggest Tablet Deployment Mistakes
Submitted by KORE

The possibility of cost-savings, operational efficiencies gained, and the augmentation of data and analytics available have made the deployment of tablets a top priority for many field service organizations. As companies scramble to deploy tablet solutions, there are common pitfalls that — if not properly addressed — will not only drain the organizations’ bottom line, but may also completely disrupt the operation. Join us as we expose the three biggest mistakes any company considering deploying a tablet solution should be aware of.

Is It Time For You To Consider A Remote Expert Solution For Your Team?
Submitted by Librestream Technologies Inc.

Remote expert guidance is the ability to connect with virtual specialists immediately by sharing live video, audio, telestration, and augmented content.

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