Article | November 2, 2016

Is Cellular Really Better Than WiFi For Premises And Asset Security?

Source: KORE
Cellular Security

By Norman Miglietta, KORE

When we think of connected security systems, whether for an office building, a factory, or a home, the connectivity option that immediately jumps to mind is most likely WiFi. It makes sense. The application is, by rule, fixed to a specific place, and the projected data load is at the high end of the spectrum since there is generally some variety of a built-in video surveillance component.

With LTE becoming the new cellular backbone, however, the scales may be beginning to shift to an all-cellular model. For both commercial and consumer applications, security via cellular IoT connectivity is growing in popularity, thanks to LTE’s ability to support high-bandwidth video streams (which are likewise decreasing in size, down to 10kbps). Moreover, IoT via LTE presents a “total control” option to track the goings-on at properties; not only can management view the video from a centralized location, but cameras outfitted with IoT sensors can also be set up for remote control of pan, tilt and zoom settings from afar.