Article | July 10, 2017

IoT: Driving The Fleet Of The Future, Part I

Source: KORE
Field Service Predicted To See M2M And IoT Growth

By Felix Lluberes, EVP Advanced Applications, KORE

The Fleet Management industry has been an early adopter of IoT, and for good reason. Geolocation tools have been useful in helping any number of transportation-related businesses —ambulatory services, taxis, trucking and parcel delivery, to name a few – to gain greater efficiency by knowing exactly where their vehicles are at all times.

However, still technology is stagnant technology. That’s why forward-thinking fleet organizations are asking very pointed questions about expanding the use of IoT for fleet management to drive further efficiencies. As the adoption of 4G networks gains speed, richer, more complex applications are becoming increasingly common. Here are five IoT innovations that will help drive fleet management in the years to come...