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IoT And The Future Of Field Service

Source: Salesforce

By Uri Pintov and Gary Brandeleer, Salesforce

IoT And The Future Of Field Service

As businesses look for better ways to keep customers happy, they’re exploring a new approach to maintenance that’s driven by insights, instead of errors and missteps. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses maintain equipment, rewriting service agreements and resetting customer expectations in the process. Savvy customer service leaders are realizing they can use data to predict the future and they’re turning to a pioneering dream team combining field service and IoT to prevent unwanted things from happening.

Most companies today offer scheduled maintenance as part of an equipment service contract but that’s starting to evolve, thanks to IoT. Companies are using real-time data from connected devices to gain visibility into the current condition of equipment and using that information to deliver a different type of field service. Instead of performing regularly scheduled maintenance every three months, people are prioritizing work according to data from sensors that indicate an asset’s health and only taking action based on the probability of an outage or the necessity of an upgrade.

Being proactive and predictive decreases the overall cost to serve customers and allows businesses to provide a seamless service experience. Imagine a bus line that would notify maintenance before a fuel pump goes out and strands customers on the side of the road. In this example, using IoT to avoid customer dissatisfaction — not to mention accidents — could potentially deliver a huge ROI.

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