Download | September 26, 2017

Integrating IFS Field Service Management Software With SAP

Source: IFS North America

The IFS Field Service Management application was designed to be easily integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) products, including those from SAP from its inception. IFS Field Service Management has always been positioned as a best in class field service system and consequently was designed to integrate to other business applications.

While IFS Field Service Management may be one of the most comprehensive and broad field service solutions on the market, it is not in and of itself an ERP package. Nor is it a component of IFS Applications, IFS’s larger enterprise suite of applications. Rather, it is a best-of breed system that can be implemented more rapidly with less overall business disruption than a broader enterprise solution. And as a best of breed solution, it is designed to share data with ERP systems in real time.

In this whitepaper, we will offer sample integration use cases, provide an overview of methods commonly used to integrate IFS Field Service Management with SAP ERP products and offer a list of considerations to help you plan your integration project integrating IFS Filed Service Management with ERP products from SAP.