Case Study

Innovating For Field Safety In Utilities

Source: Venado Technologies
iOS Field Service Enterprise Support

Positive Impact on the Business:

Our customer was at the beginning of their field safety innovation journey but had an aggressive mandate to create a working process and lab to provide innovative and risk-reducing technologies for its emergency responders.

About the Customer

Our customer is one of the largest regulated utility companies in the United States, serving over 3 million natural gas and electric customers across several states. In mid-2017, they created a Field Safety Technologies team to improve safety for their customers and emergency responders using emerging technology.

The results of our collaborative efforts were:

  • A foundation for reducing risk and eliminating property loss or damage: Our customer’s employees, contractors, and customers are its greatest asset; improving their safety was the number one priority and the ultimate objective of the field safety innovation initiative.
  • The ability to effectively evaluate and test emerging technology in five core field safety innovation areas: Our customer instituted a working methodology to assess emerging technology for remote detection of hazardous gas situations in enclosed structures; remote monitoring of gas levels; remote support for on-site emergency responders; remote protection for health and exposure monitoring for employees; and in-home detection for proactive notification of potentially dangerous/hazardous gas levels.