Article | November 16, 2018

Improving Firstline Worker User Experiences To Drive Business Outcomes

Source: Venado Technologies

By Eugene Signorini, Venado Technologies

6 Tech Trends Affecting Your Field Service IT Clients

At Venado, our passion is helping customers solve important business problems through emerging technology – where mobile workers meet the physical world. We refer to these workers as “firstline workers”: mobile employees who engage with customers and interact with mission-critical physical assets daily.

Firstline workers were among the earliest users of mobile technology. Before Blackberries and iPhones became ubiquitous among white-collar professionals and consumers, service & repair technicians, public safety personnel, and other task-based workers used ruggedized mobile computers and the earliest handheld devices. 

However, firstline workers desperately need a digital refresh. While the mobile user experience for consumers and white-collar professionals has evolved, firstline workers were left behind. But there's a renaissance brewing for these professionals; a wealth of emerging technologies – such as head-worn displays, wearables, mixed reality, video, and virtual assistants – will dramatically change the user experience for firstline workers. 

While technology may be the catalyst here, I’m not focusing on the technology itself (more about that in future posts). Instead, I’m talking about why rethinking user experience for firstline workers is critical for achieving business outcomes.