Newsletter | November 25, 2019

11.25.19 -- How To Kickstart Your Digital Transformation With Low-Code Apps

Featured Articles
EPA Integrates Emergency Response To Help Make Informed Mission-Critical Decisions
Submitted by Esri

The EPA and Tetra Tech have iteratively developed a robust emergency response solution over time, by learning from individual site-specific cleanup activities that occur every day and scaling these activities during significant response events.

With Inventory In Constant Motion, YAK MAT Leverages OutSystems To Simplify Processes
Submitted by OutSystems Inc.

Access mat supplier YAK MAT needed a new ERP to track their vast inventory that’s spread across multiple supply yards and always on the move. OutSystems allowed them to build a customized ERP with all the integration and automation features they needed, and now suppliers, customers, and the business are enjoying increased efficiency.

Fireside Chat: How To Kickstart Your Digital Transformation With Low-Code Apps
Submitted by ProntoForms

It’s getting colder, and there’s no better way to cozy up than with a fireside chat! In the first of two fireside chats, ProntoForms’ Product Management VP Russ Halliday and product marketing manager Joel Fear discuss the impact of low-code application platforms (LCAP) in fieldwork. So, load up on smores and prepare to learn how LCAPs are shaping field processes and digital transformation.

Driver Education Key To ELD Rollout
Submitted by Trimble

December 18, 2017, was the official deadline of the ELD mandate, but rumblings dropped immediately about an unofficial grace period that many law enforcement departments have adopted to allow companies and drivers some additional time to make sure they are fully compliant. While the FMCSA has issued exceptions to the ELD mandate since December, enforcement agencies will begin to enforce fines and other restrictions for drivers that fail to be compliant starting in April. While the staggered enforcement has had some benefits to drivers, the fact that is not being enforced consistently has caused some confusion.

How Fleet Management Solutions Can Help Reduce Costs
Submitted by Lytx

Managing vehicles and drivers is expensive. The costs of fuel, vehicle repairs, workers’ comp claims, legal costs, and other line items can add up quickly. Investing in a fleet management solution can help you reduce these costs, so you have the flexibility to dedicate budget toward growing your fleet.