Newsletter | May 27, 2021

05.27.21 -- How To Drive Revenue With Exceptional Customer Experience

Drive Revenue With Exceptional Customer Experience Anytime, Anywhere

As novel ventures enter the market and reset expectations with the promise of all-encompassing service, field service organizations (FSOs) are faced with a stark, new reality. Customers have come to expect premium, on-demand convenience throughout every step of their journey. Ensuring your organization is equipped to deliver unmatched experience is critical, but streamlining your data flow enables the ability to retain customers and turn your technicians and agents into revenue generators.

Boost Your CX With A Better Integrated Contact Center, CRM, And Collaboration Systems

Contact centers play a central role in supporting the customer journey across both pre-purchase and post-purchase touchpoints. These touchpoints are essential for answering customer questions, resolving customer complaints, troubleshooting product and service issues, and many more tasks. It is no surprise then, that nearly 50 percent of decision-makers responsible for contact centers say that their number one objective is improving the customer experience (CX).

Transforming Business Processes To Better Serve Customers
Ecolab helps companies in an array of industries maintain safety, sustainability, and efficiency in all aspects of operations. Over the last 12 months, Ecolab has made customer support more efficient enabling service anytime, anywhere with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Microsoft HoloLens 2 devices.
Using AI To Build A Modern Field Service Organization

Field service organizations have traditionally operated under the break-fix model, responding to device failure after the customer reports an issue. This operating model has grown costly and inefficient and has proven less than effective in satisfying the customer’s rising needs. AI is the missing element to resource scheduling, empowering field technicians and improving customer experience.

Fix It The First Time: Modernize Your Field Service With Mixed Reality

As the skills gap widens, ensuring field service technicians have the right training and the right data at the right time presents a unique challenge. Technicians need information in the context of the physical world, when they’re on the job with tools in their hands. Screens and paper-based manuals don’t cut it and leveraging mixed reality tools organizations can see payback in as little as 12 months and 138% ROI.