Newsletter | June 23, 2022

06.23.22 -- How To Design Your Service Business To Gain A Competitive Edge

Design Your Service Business To Give You A Competitive Edge

Now more than ever, service providers are pressured from all sides. From a shortage of skilled field techs to reducing operational costs, meeting rising customer expectations, and providing new differentiated outcomes-based contracts, leading businesses need to think carefully about how they manage their field service operations and the type of technology they invest in to gain a competitive edge.

Scaling Up To Deliver Exceptional Service

Smart Care Equipment Solutions is the largest independent provider of commercial kitchen repair in the United States. Learn about the gains Smart Care was able to achieve, from automation of simple processes, through delivering faster first-time fixes, to using data-rich processes to reinvent their business objectives.

Overcoming The Global Skills Shortage

Attracting the right people is hard enough. But attracting high-quality talent during a global skills shortage is even more difficult, especially for the elusive field service technician — a role that continues to rank in the top five most challenging positions to fill. Regardless of the cause, finding the best candidate, extending an offer, and retaining this valuable resource is critical to the business.

The Utility Of The Future: Embracing Diversification And New Business Models

Energy generators and transmission and distribution companies face a landscape experiencing unprecedented change. By 2040, global demand for energy will have risen by 30%. To survive, utilities must embrace diversification, new business models and achieve, with the right operational visibility, asset management strategy, and a service-centric mindset.

Transform Customer Engagement With Real-Time Tracking And Customer Communications

IFS Appointment Assistant efficiently connects customers and field resources to improve your customer experience and drive technician satisfaction. Learn how to transform customer engagement with real-time tracking and two-way customer comms.

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