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09.07.19 -- How To Attract Millennials -- Driver Recruitment Guide

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How To Attract Millennials — Driver Recruitment Guide
Submitted by Lytx

Millennials account for more than one-third of the U.S. employee population and more are entering the workforce every day, making this generation the biggest opportunity for growth in fleets. Despite their strength in numbers, millennials are dogged by stereotypes — they are entitled, want a trophy for showing up, and spend too much time on Snapchat. This is a bad rap that’s not necessarily true. One recent study found four major ways millennials are driving fundamental change, including an emphasis on self-development and future-proofing strategies

Using The Power Of Location In Field Operations
Submitted by Esri

Location is at the heart of field activities. It sounds like an obvious statement, but field management often either completely overlooks location or marginally takes advantage of it.

Developing Your Field Service Maturity: From Concept To Reality
Submitted by FieldAware

The maturity of a company’s field service management, in terms of the technology being used, can be dictated by numerous elements. These could be the company size, the industry and type of clients they serve, the complexity of the workflow, the value of assets and equipment they supply and service, and their leadership. While these operational aspects dictate and are directly related to the technological needs, it is also true that the operational maturity of an organization can be shaped by how advanced their field service management is.

NOV Harnesses The Power Of Industrial IoT Data For The Oil & Gas Mobile Workforce
Submitted by Venado Technologies

NOV believes in purposeful innovation because they see what others don’t and then act on it. Venado Technologies focuses on innovating and creating value at the intersection of information technology and operational technology. Together, Venado and NOV created the MobileRT program to generate positive business outcomes for NOV and their customers.

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