Newsletter | May 19, 2022

05.19.22 -- How To Attract High Performing Field Service Techs And Digital Workers

Service Sustainability: Master The Circular Economy

Businesses have an imperative to increase their sustainability. This drive is both moral and economic; reusing and remanufacturing products saves money, retains customers, and decreases the waste that ends up in a landfill. It’s also the engine of the circular economy — a principle among manufacturers that is quickly becoming the standard. Mastering these disciplines requires serious consideration across business areas, through service, and into product design. 

Economic Shifts Put A Greater Emphasis On Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is an often overlooked component of true field service excellence.  Does your firm have the capabilities in place to maximize its potential? By implementing reverse logistics, you can streamline your service practice and improve corporate efficiency.

How To Attract High-Performing Field Service Techs And Digital Workers

Attracting the right people is hard enough. But attracting high-quality talent during a global skills shortage is even more difficult, especially for the elusive field service technician — a role that continues to rank in the top five most challenging positions to fill. Regardless of the cause, finding the best candidate, extending an offer, and retaining this valuable resource is critical to the business.

The Future Of Service Management Technology

Service is the new product. And it enables the move to outcomes. Delivering ground-breaking products is no longer enough to win your customers’ hearts and minds. You must deliver the desired outcomes that customers have for their assets and equipment.