Article | October 19, 2017

How Does Customer Experience With Field Services Bring Customer Satisfaction?

Source: ServicePower

By Kimberly Heuser, ServicePower

Patient Satisfaction Survey

The field service technician or installer is truly the ambassador of good will, representing the company in the far-flung regions of the community. Who else does the customer actually see, wearing the insignia of your company, outside of your brick and mortar store (if indeed you have one)? The customer may be completely happy with your products, but those kudos will go to the manufacturer or the designer, but customer satisfaction with your company will depend a lot on this point of contact with field services.

Adding Focus on Customer Satisfaction:

Companies heavily dependent on field services as touch points with customers have a special responsibility to themselves to look after the "softer" side of field service operations if they want to retain satisfied customers. The Aberdeen Group's report "Secrets to Optimize Field Service for Better Customer Experiences" found that the trend has been for the best performing companies to move attention away from operational metrics and more on customer satisfaction metrics in evaluating field service performance.

The standard practice has been to focus on the operational and cost-reduction side, reducing travel time, increasing worker productivity in terms of number of job completions. They have found that exclusive focus on operations may be misleading. These operational metrics such as time to completion and travel time may, indeed have an effect of customer satisfaction. If technicians can fix more appliances in a day, that may seem great because more customers have things fixed. The problem comes with the quality of the repair and the way the technician relates to the customers.

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