Newsletter | June 28, 2022

06.28.22 -- How Can You Build Trust With Your Customers?

How Can You Build Trust With Your Customers?

Providing the best customer experience is difficult when your service team is disconnected. You need a way to connect field service to your customers, seamlessly.

Thriving In The New Appointment Economy With AAA Carolinas

Over the past year, appointments have taken on new importance as industries of every stripe strive to deliver safe and engaging digital-first experiences. Appointments not only help companies keep people safe, but also allow teams to spread out their workload throughout the day and offer customers convenience, control, and predictability.

Prioritizing Safety In Field Service Can Boost Your Bottom Line, Too

Field service safety can drive revenue, while preventing injuries during on-site visits. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), companies that prioritize safety build trust with customers. This can lead to new business. 

3 Ways To Draw Value From Visual Remote Service

A remote service model, effectively implemented, enhances your ability to reduce customer and employee costs, provide speedier service, and deliver a consistent experience.

Salesforce Field Service & Visual Remote Assistant

Check out how Virtual Remote Assistant can help create customers for life in your field service organization.

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