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09.09.19 -- How Best-In-Class Service Companies Are Using AR

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The Trailblazer's Guide To Field Service
Submitted by Salesforce

Everyone says customer expectations are getting higher each year. But you’ve probably noticed that people still appreciate the basics: fast scheduling, on-time arrival, personalized service, and first-time resolutions. The trouble is it’s getting more complex — and more expensive — to deliver these basics. That’s why forward-thinking companies aren’t just hiring more — they’re finding ways to bring out the best in their current teams.

How Best-In-Class Service Companies Are Using AR
Submitted by PTC

The field service management industry faces a convergence of challenges. As trusted career experts retire in increasing numbers, product variety and complexity accelerate. Traditional methods for scaling expertise are no longer sufficient. But there are companies who are innovating — overcoming these challenges to increase service quality and efficiency. How are they doing it?

The Future Of Field Service
Submitted by Zinier

The field service market is growing rapidly, with some estimates projecting it to more than double in size by 2022. At the same time, customer expectations around the speed and quality of service are increasing. In order to keep pace, field service organizations are investing in new tools and systems. Most companies are somewhere on the path to digitization, but they need to do more. Simply wrapping a layer of technology around traditional pen-and-paper processes is no longer enough — they should be looking to drive efficiency through intelligent automation.

Service To Cash Flow
By Brant Carter, Trimble PULSE

We were happy to host a round table at Field Service Connect that brought a lot of great discussion around the challenges facing service organizations for a wide range of businesses including Cisco, Ericsson, Philips, Elmer Perkins, and others.

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