Case Study

How Barcoding Oversaw United Rentals' Deployment of 2,500 New Mobile Devices


By Martin Jack, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Barcoding, Inc.

Although many companies have internal project management teams, it is often most efficient to turn to outside resources to support large-scale solution deployments. Recently, United Rentals, Inc. did just that.

For several years, United Rentals’ drivers had been using a mobile route optimization solution. Although the solution led to more efficient delivery routes, reduced manual paperwork, and allowed for better asset utilization, it came time to upgrade the hardware. Like any technology, handheld devices that were once deemed “state of the art” eventually become obsolete. United Rentals sought to replace its existing handhelds across its enterprise. But, with hundreds of drivers throughout the United States and Canada, procuring and deploying the new hardware was a daunting task.

After successfully working with Barcoding, Inc. in its initial mobile solution deployment, United Rentals turned once again to the company — this time to deploy hundreds of new Samsung S5 handhelds, equipped with OtterBox® cases and mobile device management (MDM) software. To provision and configure the new hardware, Barcoding’s project management team took the lead.

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