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2018 GPS Tracking Buyer's Guide

Source: GPS Insight
GPS Tracking Uses

According to industry research, between 40-50% of all commercial and government vehicles in the United States are equipped with GPS Tracking.

In the next few years, it’s estimated that the percentage of vehicles equipped with GPS tracking will exceed 50%. With this rapid rate of adoption, it’s clear that businesses and government agencies see the value in GPS tracking.

If you are researching GPS tracking, again or for the first time, it’s crucial to make sure the investment is worthwhile. It may seem like all systems are the same, however, technology is certainly not created equally and neither are the providers.

This buyer’s guide provides tips and guidance for your journey through the GPS tracking purchasing and implementation process to ensure you select the best system for your fleet.

Identify Your Needs

Any important purchasing decision, especially long-term investments like business software, should be done with great consideration. That’s why it’s recommended to analyze all business opportunities, self-evaluate areas for improvement, and define your goals before purchasing a GPS tracking system. This process not only helps avoid buyer’s remorse, it’s essential to maximize the effectiveness of the technology.