Newsletter | February 5, 2020

02.05.20 -- Future-Proofing Your Teams With AI And Automation

From The Magazine
Are You Successfully Managing Your Customer Relationships?
By Bill Pollock, Strategies for Growth

Most service technicians have at least a fair understanding of who their customers are and what kinds of relationships the business has with them. However, even the “good” technicians are often deficient in their full understanding of exactly how to manage those relationships.

Featured Articles
Top 20 Best Tech Cities For IT Jobs
Submitted by CompTIA

Once upon a time, if your dream was to be successful in technology you had to be in Silicon Valley. But with the industry evolving and a new generation of workers placing more of an emphasis on quality of life, new tech hubs popping up across the country are changing that narrative.

5 Mistakes Made When Training Field Workers On Digital Applications
Submitted by Venado Technologies

Effective training is essential for the productivity and success of frontline workers. Without it, workers won’t use their digital solutions correctly — or at all — hurting productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.

How To Transition From A Product To Service Model With Connected Field Service
By Sajith Sahadevan, Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Many manufacturing organizations are transitioning from a traditional product business model to an as-a-Service business model — including flexible consumption models and Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) — that lets them pay for what they use. As-a-Service models provide compelling benefits.

Future-Proofing Your Teams With AI And Automation
Submitted by Zinier

There’s little doubt that AI and automation are helping organizations streamline processes and work more efficiently. The broader question is what that means for tomorrow’s workforce.


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