Article | April 3, 2017

Four Ways Field Service Organizations Can Benefit From The Cloud

Source: Microsoft
Finding A Cloud Provider

Research has shown that almost one in four field service organizations still relies primarily on manual, on-premise solutions for running its business. Cloud computing is rapidly changing most business operational models. For those FSOs who have not yet made the transition to integrated business solutions that reside in the cloud, here are potential benefits:

  1. Real-time information: The cloud has already begun to change field service and manufacturing significantly because now organizational insights arrive in real-time.

    Consider an example such as Handicare, one of the world’s leading producers of stair lifts, wheelchairs, and other devices for the elderly and handicapped. Before it shifted to the cloud, all of its customer information and service level agreement data was based on what had recently been inputted by the service technicians -- so when the office staff was accessing information, it was almost never in real-time. By shifting to the cloud, all information accessed is in real-time -- and there is a high degree of data transparency within the organization. (Different divisions can see key metrics.)