Newsletter | January 4, 2005

1.4.05 -- Feature Article: Wi-Fi To Make Waves

January 04,
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Featured Articles
Wi-Fi To Make Waves
Welcome to the wonderful world of Wi-Fi: wireless computer connections, through the Internet, to wherever you want to go. It allows us to do our jobs faster and easier, resulting in less administrative office work, happier customers, and more free time to spend winning new business. Submitted by IBM

Assessing The Need For A Mobile Computing Migration
The benefits of migrating to new mobile computing technology and risks from maintaining aging systems are sometimes hard to measure. Eventually there is an end of life for every enterprise mobile computer. This white paper will help you prepare for a mobile computing migration. Submitted by Intermec Technologies Corporation

Mobile And Wireless Technology In Food Retailing
The purpose of this white paper is to examine trends and emerging technologies and to suggest the ways that wireless mobile technologies can bring solutions to help retailers achieve competitive advantage. The focus of this paper is on in-store systems but ranges beyond the four walls of the store to examine trends in both the supply chain and in the retailer/consumer interface. Submitted by PSC

Wireless Computing Automates Receiving
In order to get a real grip on its inventory control effort, Casey's General Stores Inc. needed to improve its process of receiving merchandise from its DSD (direct store delivery) vendors. Casey's chose Denso ID's BHT 260 wireless handheld computers running on Microsoft's CE operating system. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine

Wireless Technology Creates A Mobile Police Station
With 1.3 million people and 35 municipalities to protect, Tarrant County Sheriff's Department needs every one of its 500 officers on the road, not behind a desk. Officers now connect wirelessly to local, state, and federal databases over the 800 MHz radio network. Submitted by Itronix

Featured Products
Mobile Application Terminal (MAT)
Designed for the mobile workforce that requires a rugged, high-performance, handheld computer far more durable and reliable than typical consumer devices, Compsee's Mobile Application Terminal (MAT) offers features and options to suit diverse applications and business needs in a powerful, ergonomic, lightweight form factor. Looking for a durable and reliable mobile computing device? Let us know how the Mobile Application Terminal can solve your needs.

Microflex CE8640
The Microflex CE8640 from DAP Technologies gives you access to a remarkable productivity tool that helps reduce costs, improve margins, and enhance customer service from day one. With the Microflex CE8640, raise productivity, reduce costs, and automate field operations in any conditions. Request additional information on this product and the entire Microflex product line here.

Panasonic Toughbook W2
Ideal for mobile professionals on the go, the Toughbook W2 combines legendary Toughbook durability with the unprecedented processing prowess, wireless connectivity, and energy efficiency of Intel's advanced Centrino mobility platform. Request a quote on this product here.

8255/60 Vehicle-Mount Computer
The 8255 and 8260 vehicle-mount wireless computers meet almost any challenge, allowing mobile workers to instantly collect and transmit inventory information, yielding better operations planning and improved customer turnaround times. Considering a mobile solution for your workforce? Tell us about it and we will show you how Psion Teklogix can help.

Advantage LX
The Advantage design is a derivative of years of engineering experience. The Advantage LX is the only desktop thermal printer that has a full metal mechanism and a proven track record as a reliable and durable product with a small footprint. Request an appointment with a representative from Cognitive Solutions to learn more about the Advantage LX.

Featured Download
Buying Considerations For Wireless Networking
There are four major reasons making the selection of wireless networking a compelling choice. By nature, wireless networks offer the flexibility required in a temporary or ever-expanding location; they can be rapidly deployed; they allow for the support of mobile personnel in or out of the office or warehouse; and finally, they are cost-effective. Submitted by rfsmart for PeopleSoft
Featured Book
Wireless Communications: Principles And Practice
Industry Events
CTIA WIRELESS 2005, the spring convention, is the largest, most comprehensive show in the wireless industry and the premier venue to exchange ideas, create partnerships, and collaborate to bring wireless telecommunications to new heights. We have done all the legwork to bring every element of wireless together in one location over the course of three days.
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2004-05 RFID Solutions Online Vendors You Need To Know
The RFID Solutions Online team understands that finding new suppliers is often a hassle. Who has the time or energy to devote to registering for buyer's guides or logging on to Web directories? How many passwords can one remember?

That's why we designed our 2004-05 RFID Solutions Online Vendors You Need To Know. You will be able to locate and evaluate new vendors right from your desktop. Additionally, you will find featured products and services, articles and case studies, corporate information, and much more.

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