Newsletter | January 11, 2005

1.11.05 -- Feature Article: Five Things You Should Know About Wireless Printing

January 11,
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Featured Articles
Five Things You Should Know About Wireless Printing
Wireless printing is the next logical step in extending the benefits of wireless networks. Not only does it support the mobility of workers and improve their productivity, but it also enhances the flexibility of facilities so they can adapt quickly to new requirements or opportunities in a highly competitive business landscape. Submitted by Intermec Technologies Corporation

TaylorMade's Wireless Warehouse
To differentiate themselves from their competitors, manufacturers and service providers have to find ways to offer their products less expensively than their competitors and provide value-added services such as faster order turnaround times. Read how $770 million TaylorMade-adidas Golf uses real-time data visibility to provide one-day turnaround on custom orders. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions magazine

Maximizing Competitiveness In Today's Business Environments: Developing Mobility Solutions For The Enterprise
In today's increasingly distributed business environment, organizations are seeking new ways to share information across the enterprise, decentralize decision making, be more responsive to customers, and reduce costs. To achieve these goals, more companies are considering the adoption of enterprise mobility systems. This paper highlights the key issues that IT management should consider before embarking on mobile applications. Submitted by PointBase, Inc.

Voice Technology, Cost Per Error, And Return On Investment
Is it possible to reach 100% accuracy? Technology has helped industry rapidly improve service levels, but the pace of improvement has slowed. The last few percentage points of improvement gains have proven to be significantly more difficult than earlier double-digit improvements. How can the last obstacles to 100% accuracy be removed? Submitted by Vocollect

Mobile Solutions: Move Beyond The Pilot
Don't let your mobility deployment languish in pilot project status. There are a few keys to moving past that stage and into full-scale deployment. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions magazine

Featured Products
Intermec CV60 Vehicle Mount
The CV60 vehicle-mount computer excels in the most adverse environments with full PC functionality, putting wireless supply chain management right where the data is. It is one of the first rugged vehicle-mount terminals available to integrate both Bluetooth technology and a wireless base station. Let us know how the CV60 can work for you.

Code Ranger
Code Ranger is a heavy-duty, lightweight, portable printer that maximizes productivity and enables you to print almost anywhere. The NiMH battery lasts a full eight-hour shift and its virtually impenetrable shell will assure you great performance in any environment. Let us know how this product can help your printing needs.

RemoteWare is for those organizations that need to move critical polling data between retail and hospitality sites and headquarters. Widely recognized as the industry leader in store polling and file transfer, RemoteWare fully supports classic point of sale (POS) environments with their legacy platforms and dial-up connectivity, as well as more contemporary environments that trickle data. In the market for a simple file transfer solution? Let us know how RemoteWare can solve your needs.

Microflex CE5000X
The unmatched reliability of the Microflex provides you with true data safety in any work environment. The interoperability of DAP Technologies' Windows CE .NET-powered Microflex mobile computer ensures data transmission to whichever type of enterprise system you use, thereby eliminating manual data entry. In the market for a new mobile computer? Find out how the Microflex product line can work for you.

Mobile UHF RFID Reader
The Mobile UHF RFID Reader is a tethered, EPC-compliant, 900 MHz RFID reader that operates with Psion Teklogix rugged handheld and vehicle-mount computing devices. Customers benefit from investment protection with a device that meets the EPC-compliance requirements of Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense while connecting to existing hardware infrastructures. Searching for a powerful RFID reader? Request an appointment with a representative from Psion Teklogix today to learn more about this product.

Request A Quote
Looking for a durable and reliable mobile computing device that can withstand harsh environments? In the market for a new handheld solution with 802.11a or 802.11b wireless technology? Use Wireless Workforce Online to get a quote from solutions providers.

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Featured Download
Achieve Wireless Benefits Now: Guidelines For Getting Started
More than ever before, businesses are striving to reduce costs and increase productivity. While wireless and pervasive technologies pose some front-end challenges, they also offer the short- and long-term opportunity to achieve cost savings, process improvement, revenue and competitive gain, and customer loyalty and retention. But like every technology, wireless connectivity demands both technical and organizational learning. Submitted by IBM
Featured Book
Wireless Communications: Principles And Practice
Industry Events
CTIA WIRELESS 2005, the spring convention, is the largest, most comprehensive show in the wireless industry and the premier venue to exchange ideas, create partnerships, and collaborate to bring wireless telecommunications to new heights. We have done all the legwork to bring every element of wireless together in one location over the course of three days.
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2004-05 RFID Solutions Online Vendors You Need To Know
The RFID Solutions Online team understands that finding new suppliers is often a hassle. Who has the time or energy to devote to registering for buyer's guides or logging on to Web directories? How many passwords can one remember?

That's why we designed our 2004-05 RFID Solutions Online Vendors You Need To Know. You will be able to locate and evaluate new vendors right from your desktop. Additionally, you will find featured products and services, articles and case studies, corporate information, and much more.

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