Magazine Article | December 20, 2012

Dynamic Scheduling: The Missing Link To Mastering Field Mobility?

Source: IFS North America

By Brian Albright, Field Technologies magazine

Adding automated dispatch to its mobile solution has helped Source Refrigeration reduce drive times by 35%.

When a home refrigerator shuts down for some reason, owners immediately go into crisis mode. Depending on how long the fridge may be out of service, food must be shunted into the neighbor’s freezer, coolers, or even packed in snow outside if it happens to be winter. When a refrigeration unit at a grocery story shuts down, the store manager moves into crisis mode, too, only in that case there’s much more on the line than a few containers of soupy ice cream and some spoiled hot dogs. Thousands of dollars of inventory is at stake, not to mention lost follow on sales.

Source Refrigeration & HVAC designs, installs, maintains, and optimizes mission-critical refrigeration and HVAC systems for grocery stores and other commercial and industrial businesses. The company’s more than 2,500 customers expect Source to respond quickly and efficiently during emergencies and expect Source’s roughly 500 service field technicians to keep their equipment running with properly timed maintenance. The company launched a new scheduling solution in 2011 that has significantly reduced technician drive times, improved customer service consistency, and has helped Source consolidate its previously distributed dispatch operations.