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03.23.20 -- Does Your Field Service Strategy Include A Coronavirus Contingency Plan?

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Key Success Requirements For Field Service Management
By Spencer Gisser, VDC Research

It can be challenging to understand which field service management (FSM) features can best lead to specified business benefits. Mapping out an FSM strategy and comparing different FSM solutions can be difficult because so many FSM capabilities are complementary. One way to understand different kinds of FSM capabilities is by partitioning them into three categories: in the field, intelligent capabilities, and optimization.

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5 Ways To Elevate Your Customer Service With Video Telematics
Submitted by Lytx

Skyrocketing customer demands. Tighter delivery timelines. Higher penalties for late shipments. Ensuring your customers needs are met while keeping operating costs down can feel like competing priorities. 

The Growing Skills Gap In Firstline Mobile Workforces
Submitted by Venado Technologies

Organizations with large field forces today face workforce challenges they haven’t in the past. Experienced workers are retiring, there are fewer skilled workers looking for jobs, and firms are struggling to maintain essential organizational knowledge during this shift. This blog examines the growing skills gap and explains how technology can address this problem.

10 Software Selection Factors To Be Ready For And Manage What’s Next In Service
Submitted by IFS North America

Service organizations need to reduce costs by adopting a leaner, more efficient, and more agile operation if they want to thrive and survive in the always-on, digital era. Digital, cloud-based, integrated solutions enable this and prepare you for what’s next.

Does Your Field Service Strategy Include A Coronavirus Contingency Plan?
Submitted by Aquant

Learn how to prepare for any emergency situation and still deliver exceptional service.

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