Newsletter | September 20, 2022

09.20.22 -- Delivering Desired Outcomes: The Future Of Service Management

5 Key Technology Considerations To Optimize Operations And Accelerate Growth

Now more than ever service providers are pressured from all sides, from a shortage of skilled field techs, to reducing operational costs, meeting rising customer expectations, and providing new differentiated outcomes-based contracts. Leading businesses need to think carefully about how they manage their field service operations and the type of technology they invest in.

The Future Of Service Management Technology

Service is the new product. And it enables the move to outcomes. Delivering ground-breaking products is no longer enough to win your customers’ hearts and minds. You must deliver the desired outcomes that customers have for their assets and equipment.

Scaling Up To Deliver Exceptional Service

Smart Care Equipment Solutions is the largest independent provider of commercial kitchen repair in the United States. Learn about the gains Smart Care was able to achieve, from automation of simple processes through delivering faster first-time fixes to using data-rich processes to reinvent their business objectives.

Economic Shifts Put A Greater Emphasis On Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is an often overlooked component of true field service excellence.  Does your firm have the capabilities in place to maximize its potential? By implementing reverse logistics, you can streamline your service practice and improve corporate efficiency.