Newsletter | October 14, 2021

10.14.21 -- Cashing In On The Opportunity Of Outcomes

Predictive Service: From Objective To Reality In 2021
Like most of the major service trends, predictive capabilities come up in almost every conversation. Some organizations have already achieved this nirvana, but many are still at the point of recognizing the potential but not yet translating it into their reality. It is expected that we’ll see significant evolution in this area in 2021, and that’s because while there are challenges to overcome, as with any change, the opportunities are simply too immense to delay in pursuing.
The #1 Mistake In Monetizing Your Service Transformation
Today’s manufacturers and service organizations have a wealth of initiatives underway to improve, evolve, and transform how they leverage service as a strategic differentiator and seize the opportunity that service provides. Top of mind for these companies is determining how to serve customers in a way that delivers increased profit margins and revenue growth. Unfortunately, companies can fall disappointingly short when it comes to execution.
Service Managers’ Buyer’s Guide

To deliver exceptional service in today’s landscape, your operations, people, assets, and parts need to be tracked, analyzed, and optimized by a powerful enough service platform to meet your expectations. Is your current system up to the task?

Cashing In On The Opportunity Of Outcomes
As business leaders take note of outcomes as the way to win the future, there’s a deeper recognition than ever before around the criticality of service — as well as the need for digitalization.
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