White Paper

5 Best Practices In Digital Training & Engagement For Firstline Workforces

Source: Venado Technologies
Field Service

According to the Service Council, 70% of service organizations indicated that they would be burdened by the knowledge loss of a retiring workforce in the next five to ten years and an additional 2 million workers will be required by the year 2021 to meet market demand for service and support.

This creates an issue for organizations with large field forces, as training firstline workers isn’t easy. While organizations likely have training programs for the base skills and processes of a role, traditional training methods don’t typically apply when training on digital tools used in the field. Training leaders often aren’t sure how to provide the necessary digital training and ongoing support these firstline workers need.

Beyond the training challenges around the influx of new workers, problems also occur when new technology is introduced. When a company rolls out a new digital solution but fails to adequately train its firstline workers (and support them long-term), this tool won’t be adopted or used correctly. As a result, the time and money spent creating the solution is wasted.

The bottom line is this: organizations with large field forces are in need of a new training solution—a digital training & engagement tool. Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) technology is the solution, but needs to be optimized to work specifically for these workers. This guide will lay out five key best practices any digital training solution for firstline workers should have.