White Paper

Anatomy Of An IoT Solution: How To Cut Costs And Accelerate Time-to-Market

Source: KORE
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The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions you develop, sell or deploy internally, drive value by delivering new services and generating new insights from new data in new ways. It is these applications, not the underlying infrastructure, that deliver business value.

Many exciting new IoT offerings are envisioned every day, however the capability to rapidly and cost-effectively build these applications is a significant hindrance. Coordinating the devices, platforms and network services needed to bring IoT applications to life is a significant challenge.

While some businesses struggle to handle the many complexities of building an IoT solution from scratch, others have gained a competitive advantage and increased speed-to-market by opting for turnkey solutions. Sourcing IoT infrastructure from a single trusted partner frees businesses to build these innovative applications. This white paper describes the critical components of an IoT solution and how turnkey solutions reduce costs, improve quality and speed time-to-market.