Article | June 19, 2019

A Guide To "Marriage Counseling" For IT And Business Leaders

The Small Pharma–CDMO Marriage: How We Can Make It Even Better

One of the things I’ve realized from my consulting work with enterprise leaders is that a large part of what I do is a form of “marriage counseling” between IT teams and line-of-business teams within companies. I’ve found that although we at SKYLFULL are generally known for helping enterprises create technology solutions, what we really do is help IT and business leaders solve business problems together using technology, which first involves helping these two groups see eye to eye to achieve a common goal. Hence the “marriage counseling” analogy.

While I use the term “marriage counseling” somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I believe the comparison is an apt one for what many companies must engage in to begin their digital evolution journey. With the increasing intersection of IT and OT (which I explained in a previous blog post), successful digital industrial evolution requires a successful partnership between business and IT leadership. Any inherent dysfunctions that exist today will only be worsened by the blurring lines between information technology and operational technology. Now is the time for organizations to assess the natural tensions between IT and Business to work toward a common goal of driving operational success through technology.

We’ve found that genuinely toxic IT/business relationships are rare (thankfully). Yet even within the “we make it work” relationships, beneath the politically correct niceties and corporate speak, what each side wants to say is:

Business exec: "Why won't the damn IT guys just let me get sh$t done?"

IT manager: "Why are the business guys too stupid to understand why we have to protect the systems? Oh, and we need more resources!"

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