Newsletter | July 11, 2019

07.11.19 -- 7 Steps For Achieving Customer Service Excellence

7 Steps For Achieving Customer Service Excellence

Your customers are changing. They expect more than ever from your service. So, how do customers really feel about the quality of your service? Find out the influencing factors, how it’s measured, and the best ways to improve customer service excellence in the service industry.

Evaluation Of The Top 5 Customer Self-Service Technologies For Field Service

The mobile phone has transformed how customers expect to interact with service organizations. This article explores the transitioning role of the customer in field service and how the proliferation of smartphone devices has created a demand for self-service solutions in both B2B and B2C markets.

Working In Harmony: Why Best Of Breed Field Service And CRM Software Need To Be Best Of Friends

Field service management (FSM) and customer relationship management (CRM) are best-of-breed solutions that are essential to the work of field technicians. Both tools manage different aspects of client needs, but if they’re not working together, businesses will miss out on new opportunities and more productive work processes. So how do you synch the two? 

Selecting Field Service Management Software

Today, most companies with teams of mobile field technicians are running some type of field service management (FSM) software. If the software plays its proper role in achieving business goals, your organization should be experiencing improvements in revenue generation, customer satisfaction, good first-time fix rates, and high rates of technician utilization. If you are not achieving favorable performance metrics, it’s reasonable to assume you are considering a software selection evaluation. 

Simple Route Planning Vs. Schedule Optimization

Field service organizations understand that efficient route planning is essential to being successful; smart routing is efficient and enables service technicians to become more productive by completing more jobs per day. However, they may be overlooking the added benefits of schedule optimization as an intrinsic part of the solution.