Newsletter | September 16, 2021

09.16.21 -- 5 Key Technology Considerations To Optimize Operations And Accelerate Growth

3 Barriers Preventing VoC From Driving Fruitful Innovation Within Service Businesses

Today, customer is king — period. In all industries, in all geographies, we are simply living in a time where differentiation and revenue growth depend on being able to deliver experiences and outcomes that your customers need, value, and desire. However, in many cases, that recognition has not yet been matched by an effective means for obtaining and reacting to the customer voice.

Adopt Tomorrow's Service Delivery Models To Maximize Customer Outcomes
Delivering ground-breaking products is no longer enough to win your customers’ hearts and minds. You must deliver the desired outcomes that customers have for their assets and equipment.
5 Key Technology Considerations To Optimize Operations And Accelerate Growth
Now more than ever service providers are pressured from all sides. From a shortage of skilled field techs, to reducing operational costs, meeting rising customer expectations, and providing new differentiated outcomes-based contracts. Leading businesses need to think carefully about how they manage their field service operations and the type of technology they invest in.
Outcome-Based Business Models: Staying Relevant In An Evolving World

Outcomes are the new opportunity. In this report, find out why it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to adopt outcome-based business models, focusing on on-going positive outcomes for their customers rather than product sales.

Manufacturing | The Move To Servitization And Circularity
The servitization megatrend is upon us. Industrial machine manufacturing companies are adding service revenue streams and changing their business models, usually to augment but sometimes to replace product-based business. This, coupled with the trend of moving away from a linear economy to a circular one, is changing the thinking of leading manufacturers of industrial machinery.