Newsletter | March 2, 2020

03.02.20 -- 4 Dash Cam Videos That Show The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

From The Editor
Driving Future Success Across The Services Organization
By Bill Pollock, Strategies for Growth

Driving future success across the services organization is imperative. However, there are many components involved in the overall process that are of equal importance, such as management buy-in, a loyal and appreciative customer base, and a clear communications-based strategy for attaining the success-related goals.

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How Technology Intensity Accelerates Business Value
By Sanjay Jacob, Microsoft Corporation

Organizations that embrace technology intensity are inherently more successful. What exactly is technology intensity, and why is it critical for today’s enterprises to build a cohesive digital strategy?

Successfully Navigate Application And Device Migrations
Submitted by Venado Technologies

Upgrading legacy mobile applications and devices is always a challenge for organizations with large first-line workforces. As you start thinking about migrating these devices, what do you need to consider to ensure a smooth transition?

4 Dash Cam Videos That Show The Dangers Of Distracted Driving
Submitted by Lytx

There are countless distractions on and off the road. Many drivers may not be aware of how dangerous each one can be. That’s why more and more companies are using dash cams to help capture, identify, and address distracted driving. Check out the video clips below to see the dangers that can result from just one moment of distracted driving.

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