Newsletter | July 17, 2019

07.17.19 -- 3D Systems Accelerates Performance With Service Intelligence Solution

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Smart-Building Sweet Spot: Connecting Building Data With Service Technicians
Submitted by Microsoft

MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions makes buildings work better. The Seattle-based contractor not only designs and builds energy-efficient buildings, but it also ensures that they stay that way through post-build optimization services. Its new connected field service solution lets it know when a building’s system is using too much energy or about to fail and dispatches service technicians with the right information, tools, and parts needed to make a first-time fix.

Putting AR At Your Technicians’ Fingertips Does More Than Boost First-time Fix Rates
Submitted by Astea International

With Astea’s mobile field service app, technicians use any mobile device to instantly launch augmented reality. They can capture manufacturer, model, and serial data with one click and find helpful resources or launch live video support with remote experts. But that’s not all – see how this integrated solution takes AR up a notch to become visual resources your whole team can use.

3D Systems Accelerates Service Team Performance With Service Intelligence Solution
By Aquant

For more than 30 years, 3D Systems has developed and delivered cutting-edge 3D printers. Recently, its customers have evolved from using 3D printing technology primarily for prototyping towards developing manufactured products for end users. As a result, providing exceptional service became even more critical.

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