Newsletter | March 26, 2020

03.26.20 -- 3 Ways Your Field Service Management Project Can Go Horribly Wrong

How To Manage Your Customer Base With Service Contract Renewals

In a world that is placing more and more emphasis on the customer experience, service contracts and service contract renewals are playing a greater role in helping companies improve that experience. This article discusses how to manage service contracts and the benefits of contract lifecycle management and field service management (FSM) solutions.

3 Ways Your Field Service Management Project Can Go Horribly Wrong

So you are doing your due diligence, and preparing to select and implement software to help you profitably and efficiently manage a growing field service operation. You may not be 100 percent confident in your success — and this may be a realistic concern to have at this juncture — because there are wrong turns you can take in this process, and mistakes you can make, that will lead to suboptimal results or even project failure.

The Effect Of AI: Agent Replacement Or Augmentation?
One of the biggest concerns as it relates to the effect of AI, is how it’ll impact actual human employees. Are we reaching a breaking point where our labor force will ultimately be rendered obsolete? A recent study explores that notion in some depth, asking respondents their thoughts on a variety of topics related to AI and the labor force.
The State Of Service 2020: The Asset, The Outcomes, And The Business

Service is changing in a number of ways. New entrants, customer demands, and technological advancements are leading organizations to make bold changes to the business in several key ways. View this webinar to learn more about what to expect from the state of field service in 2020 and beyond.