Newsletter | December 6, 2018

12.06.18 -- 3 Steps To Creating A Connected Customer Experience For Service Success

3 Steps To Creating A Connected Customer Experience For Service Success

We as customers have become accustomed to instant gratification, thanks to uber-connectivity. Customer connectivity drives demand for a new kind of service experience; one that is faster but more interactive, but that also caters to self-service. How do service organizations deliver, not just to these demands, but beyond them, in an attempt to differentiate their service offering and thus gain customer loyalty?

Benchmarking The Cutting Edge In Service Technology

While service organizations lay frameworks of sensors and solutions to capture data across every facet of their organization, AI and machine learning represent the next steps that organizations are taking to leverage the value of the information they are capturing. Read on to see what your peers in service leadership are working on today that will define the near future of service.

Practical AI Applications For Field Service

Artificial intelligence (AI) will impact every industry and every business discipline, including field service management. But how quickly will practical solutions be available that enable the typical midsize to large field service organization to take advantage of AI? 

Geo-Fencing In Field Service Management Software: Expanding The Boundaries

Geofences are virtual geographical fences created around a location, and can enable field service management software to create notifications when they are crossed by field service technicians. These fences can be used to generate greater operational efficiencies while promoting technician safety and improving customer service.

How To Thrive In The Experience Economy

Customer expectations are rising faster than ever. If we can order a cab at the touch of a button, have our online grocery order delivered that same day, or resolve a billing query without speaking to a single human being, why can’t we enjoy these same seamless, real-time, always-on customer experiences in business?