Newsletter | June 25, 2020

06.25.20 -- 3 Areas Of Digital Transformation Being Accelerated By COVID-19 For Service Organizations

Preparing Your Business To Capitalize On Best-In-Class Optimization

In service, there are no shortage of systems and processes occurring on the backend that would benefit from a more optimized approach. As service continues to cement itself as a key business driver for companies, getting the day-to-day of planning, scheduling, routing, and parts not just managed competently — but fully optimized — has become the make-or-break point for many businesses.

3 Areas Of Digital Transformation Being Accelerated By COVID-19 For Service Organizations

Many leading service organizations have been on a digital transformation journey for some time, while other service businesses have been dragging their feet a bit when it comes to embracing the potential that digital holds. Those laggards are now turning to digital transformation in an effort to survive the global pandemic and, in doing so, are breaking down barriers that have long been in place.

COVID-19 — Managing Service Delivery And Supply Chain Disruptions With Remote Assistance

Many organizations are building intelligent solutions offering remote assistance, including AI-assisted asset inspection by connected workers. But these solutions may not work fast enough. While they contend with a home-grown solution, the real value in terms of service continues to be compromised with a lean field force.

There Won’t Be A “New Normal”

In navigating COVID-19 challenges, companies across industries and of all sizes have learned lessons that will put them in a position of strength tackling what comes next (and next, and next). Companies have learned to become more agile and make far faster decisions than ever before. Organizations have broken down barriers to change and have learned to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Now Is The Time For Multi-Time Horizon Planning

Here in the U.S., today’s jobs report tells us that the month of May has seen the largest jump in employment in history. This is not particularly surprising, as people are re-hired or released from furlough in response to states gradually easing COVID-19 restrictions. Nevertheless, this surge is further evidence that we’re nearing something that we’ve been considering since this crisis began: Service is going to approach a bottleneck.