1. Using Service Management Software To Enhance The Customer Experience

    Today, you can manufacture a product anywhere in the world to a high level of quality. High quality is the customer expectation. The product features and related service become competitive differentiators.

  2. How Field Service Optimization Can Work For Service Companies OAll Shapes and Sizes

    Field Service optimization is not just an option for large enterprises with thousands of field technicians anymore. As technology shifts, field service management can be a true realization for small, medium and large companies, in varying industries that operate in varying geographical locations.

  3. Mobile Workforce Apps: 5 Insider Secrets To Field Service Success

    Mobile apps can have a huge positive impact on field service —but improving customer service and operational efficiency don’t come automatically. It turns out there are at least 5 best practices that successful companies consistently implement. Antenna Software has delivered hundreds of Field Service apps for the world’s largest companies supporting workers in the most demanding environments imaginable. Join Field Technologies and Antenna Software to learn 5 Insider Secrets To Field Service Success, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that hinder many mobile workforce apps.

  4. Talent Management In Field Service

    Businesses are rapidly shifting in today’s ultra-competitive landscape, expanding product and service lines, adopting new tools, always seeking to improve the processes that underscore their ability to provide great service. Amidst all that change and shifting priorities, is a fundamental challenge of how best to train new and senior talent on the latest processes, tools, and sales models.

  5. Service Lifecycle Excellence: Resolution At The Heart Of Service

    This document highlights the key trends in regard to field service excellence, and focuses on how top performing organization have begun an evolution from reactive to proactive service.

  6. Field Service Can No Longer Afford To Be Reactive

    Smart Scheduling Broker (formerly called ServiceBroker) is the newest innovation from ServicePower. Smart Scheduling Broker enables field service organizations, which exist in an evolving service environment, to combat increased competitive pressures, adapt to changing technology and satisfy increasingly empowered consumers by providing additional levels of intelligence in field resource scheduling.

  7. Connecting Field Service Workforces With Custom Mobile Apps

    Coordinating resources in any geographically distributed business is an astoundingly complex operation. Every day, you might have to manage spaces, products, employees, customer relationships, shipping, promotion, and a bevy of other variables just so, steering this big machine in a marketplace that increasingly calls for strategic turns on a dime.

  8. The Ten Tenets Of BYOD Wisdom

    Letting employees bring their own devices – while still protecting the business.

  9. Learn How To Ensure Safety In The Field To Minimize Risk & Liability

    Policies, procedures and training are part of every safety program. When they reach the field, safety policies and procedures often turn into paper-based manuals, check lists and forms. It can be tough for your mobile workers to check the manual, review the check list and fill out forms when they’re in the middle of a large project. As a result, procedures are sometimes ignored – and the potential for an accident (or OSHA safety violation) increases.

  10. Top 6 Things to Know About the New FCC Cellular Signal Booster Regulations

    After several years of regulatory back-and-forth by the various parties, the Federal Communications Commission in February 2013 established new technical standards for consumer cellular signal boosters.

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