1. How To Maintain Productivity In The Digital Work Environment

    If office workers of the 1950s could board a time machine and travel to the present day, they would be flummoxed by what they would encounter.

  2. Learn How Ericsson Protects Field Service Engineers Working Alone And Out Of Hours

    Ericsson is a leading provider of technology, infrastructure and services to telecommunications operators around the world. As the world’s largest supplier of mobile networks, Ericsson provide mobile and broadband connections to more than 2 billion people globally.

  3. The Field Service Effect

    Service scenarios in the field can run the gamut – anywhere from responding to an issue atop a wind turbine to performing mandated regular service on a jet engine or MRI machine. And because, traditionally, service occurs only after something breaks down, a host of subsequent issues, including long time to repair, technicians arriving with the wrong parts or skillsets and billing issues, tend to create unflattering perceptions of service.

  4. Profitable Aftermarket Service With Field Service Management Software

    Manufacturers and distributors have seen margins on goods sold tightening as products become commoditized in a global market. More companies are therefore focusing on aftermarket service as a way to add value to their offering to balance out the lumpy revenue typical in capital equipment or durable goods. Field service management software, reverse logistics software, route and schedule optimization—all play a role in ensuring aftermarket service work can be performed profitably.

  5. A 5-Step Health Check For Field Service Businesses

    Often, we’re so busy working tirelessly in our business that we forget to work on our business. If you’re like most, it’s probably been a while since you took a step back and considered whether your current systems, finances and ways of doing business are as productive and effective as they could be.

  6. How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Improve Safety And Reduce Liability For Your Business

    Companies that rely on vehicle fleets have unique costs associated with doing business. Mobile assets require significant capital investment. In addition, fuel and maintenance costs can take up a significant portion of a business’s profit margin.

  7. Preparing For The Connected Customer

    It’s no secret that the level of digital connectivity has exploded. For your service customers, the pervasiveness of that connectivity is accelerating and heightening expectations when it comes to service quality.

  8. Embracing The On-Demand Service Economy Revolution

    Customer satisfaction has always been an important KPI for businesses. As technology transforms the ways customers engage with businesses today, customers expect service delivery in real time, putting immense pressure on businesses to meet these expectations in maintaining and improving customer satisfaction.

  9. A Connected World: Field Service Insight Report

    Our latest insight report looks at the connected world of field service management and how organizations are using connectivity to their best advantage. Combining industry best practices, results from our latest study and interviews from leading field service experts.

  10. Connected Field Service In 2017

    The difference between what makes a great working day or a poor one, is very often to do with how all the components are connected. Connection and integration has been a key theme this year and will continue to gather importance throughout 2017.