Renting Field Technologies' Lists

Field Technologies allows you to reach the entire decision-making loop for technology spending at the companies you target. Finding the right audience is essential to a direct mail or e-mail campaign. Using our list services, you can reach top executives, IT personnel, and/or operations management. You can target these buyers by specific technology segment, vertical market, or by title. Work with us to design a list of prospects that best meets your direct marketing needs.

Pick Your Target, Choose Your Service
Field Technologies' database of subscribers is designed to meet your specific needs. Let us know your target audience and the customized message you want to deliver. You can design a list that best hits your target, using such criteria as job title, vertical market, geographic location, and technology interest(s). You can select all of the names on the list or target as few as 5,000 recipients for your direct mail and e-mail campaigns. For additional information or a price quote, contact an Account Executive.

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